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Hedonistic capital of Europe


Amsterda'm is one of the hippest hangouts in Europe. You can indulge and immerse yourself in a range of different activities, including learning about the city’s rich history, seeing its vibrant art or watching the world go by in one of the city’s many coffee shops.

A fascinating juxtaposition

Modern cars drive alongside not-so modern barges on one of the city’s 165 canals. Amongst all the madness, Amsterdam retains a sense of manageability and calm not seen in many other cities of its size, and you will soon get accustomed to the place and its quirky character. Beware, Amsterdam has a vice-like grip that lures visitors in and leaves them reluctant to leave. It is a thriving city, and one of the few destinations in Europe that simply has to be experienced. test

The JAG Travel Amsterdam Survival Guide provides all the essential information you need. Remember to check it out before any trip.

Must See

  • Rijksmuseum

    Amsterdam's most famous museum houses over one million objects and it's famous for it


  • Van Gogh Museum

    The largest collection of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh in the world - well worth a visit especially as 2003 is the 150 year anniversary of his birth.

    Paulus Potterstraat

  • The Red Light District

    Amsterdam's main tourist attraction has to be seen to be believed - a real eye opener.

    Based to the east of Damrak, between Warmoessraat, Nieumarkt and Samstraat

  • Anne Frank’s House

    See where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis from during the war, one of the city’s most important historical sites.

    263 Prinsengracht