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Enticing City


What could be more wonderful than sitting in a Viennese café and sampling a slice of Sacher-cake while being surrounded by the wonderful melody of one of Mozart’s symphonies? Or enjoying a glass of wine in one of Vienna’s many new bars while making plans for a great night out in this enticing city? Vienna is full of contrasts and despite its rich cultural heritage, modern-day Vienna also has lots to offer to the younger generation.

The Past is Constantly Present

The old Austrian Empire is long gone but you can still see remains of it everywhere in the architecture and the city’s cultural scene. The past is constantly present, but the forward-looking attitude of this wonderful historic city will surprise even the most experienced traveller.

The JAG Travel Vienna Survival Guide provides all the essential information you need. Remember to check it out before any trip.

Must See

  • St Stephen’s Cathedral

    The imposing St Stephen’s Cathedral marks Graben’s Eastern end and is easily spotted, due to its brightly coloured roof tiles. This is one of Europe’s most stunning cathedrals.

  • Hofburg

    The Imperial Palace until 1918, the Hofburg is almost a city in itself. Visitors can tour the Kaiserappartements (Imperial Apartments), including Franz-Josef’s private rooms, the great audience hall, dining rooms and staterooms. Definitely worth a to

    Innerer Burghof 1, Kaisertor

  • Schönbrunn Palace

    Schönbrunn Palace is Vienna’s answer to Versailles. Of the 1411 rooms in the palace, 40 are open to the public. The golden-yellow palace is set within equally magnificent gardens, landscaped in the Baroque style, with some monumental views.

    Schönbrunner Schloss Strasse, 13.

  • Spanish Riding School

    For over 400 years, these horses have performed their elegant manoeuvres at the Imperial Stables. Trace their history at The Lipizzaner Museum and see the horses in action at their morning training sessions.

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