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Bustling, friendly and cosmopolitan


Madrid has a character and charm that you will find hard to forget. It is an open and accessible destination, has a population of just over three million, which makes it amongst the 4th largest cities in Europe. The city has a number of fiestas during the year, where locals from various districts try to outdo each other in their celebrations.

Warm and Welcoming

Madrid’s warm climate makes it a great place to visit throughout the year, and whenever you chose to go you can be assured of a lively and exciting visit.

The city's most historic square, the Plaza Mayor, is enclosed by arcades sheltering a variety of craft shops, restaurants and tapas bars. It was completed in 1617 during the reign of Philip III. The popular centre of Madrid is the famous square, the Puerta del Sol, the main shopping district and hub of the city’s nightlife. The city has countless bars and restaurants that will keep you occupied well into the early hours and no trip to Madrid is complete without checking out one of the city’s many lively clubs. You might even get lucky and spot Posh and Becks on one of their shopping sprees.

The JAG Travel Madrid Survival Guide provides all the essential information you need. Remember to check it out before any trip.

Must See

  • Prado

    One of the worlds most famous museums, housing works by the great Spanish masters. Make sure you check out Goya’s Pinturas Negra painted apparently after he went mad.

    Paseo del Prado Tel: 91 330 28 00

  • Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

    This museum is the home of Spain’s more contemporary artists including Picasso, Miro and Dali. The world famous ‘Guernica’ is housed here and is an absolute must.

    Plaza Santa Isabel 52, Tel: 91 467 50 62

  • The Royal Palace

    This magnificent piece of architecture is no longer home to Spain’s Royal family, but still hosts some state occasions. It is now open to the public and has spectacular gardens, has to be seen.

    Metro Opera

  • El Rastro Flea Market

    This market is open at the weekend and sells everything from Real Madrid football shirts to hand made pottery.

    Metro La Latina